Standard rates for 2019

Photography of artworks, including paintings, prints, sculptures and installations:

0-1 hours: £100
Half day (1-4 hours): £200
5 hours: £225
6 hours: £250
7 hours: £275
Full day (8 hours): £300

An estimate can be given as to the number of artworks which may be photographed in a given time frame. This varies considerably depending upon the types and sizes of works, as well as their accessibility.

Photography of events and performances:

1 hour: £110
1.5 hours: £150
2 hours: £175
2.5 hours: £200
3 hours: £225
4 hours: £275

Please contact me if you would like to discuss rates for photography of events lasting longer than 4 hours.
I generally produce a minimum of 25 images per hour. The actual number of images produced can vary depending on the event, and in many cases I will provide more than the expected number of photographs.

Post-production work:

Additional rates are incurred for post-production work in some circumstances. The standard fee includes basic colour correction and cropping of images. Detailed Photoshop work is subject to a retouching fee of £25/hour. This includes things like cutting around edges or removing objects from backgrounds, and removing blemishes. I can advise on whether this may be necessary.

Retouching fee (per hour): £25

Delivery fees:

Images can be delivered via Dropbox/WeTransfer, on DVD-R discs or a USB flash drive. Prices for these are as follows:

Images on Dropbox/WeTransfer: free of charge
Images on DVD-R (per disc): £5
Images on USB flash drive: costs vary according to size required

All prices include first class postage within the UK.

Travel costs:

For travel beyond a 10-mile radius from Cambridge town centre (calculated by Google Maps): £0.45/mile
Accommodation costs may need to be covered for larger jobs outside of Cambridge.

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